Who is the host of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5?

Who is the host of Bigg Boss Season 5: 

As we all know that Bigg Boss Telugu reality show is one of the popular shows in the television industry. Right from the season 1, the reality show has grabbed the attention of the audience. The first season was hosted by Jr. NTR and it was a massive blockbuster with TRP Ratings. Due to some reasons, NTR stepped out for the second season and Natural Star Nani hosted the second season. Nani added more humor and got himself a name as a wonderful host.

Who is the host of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5
Who is the host of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

Everybody were thinking that Nani will return for the 3rd season, But unfortunately due to filming schedules he couldn’t make it and Akkineni Nagarjuna took over the 3rd and 4th season and the show received wonderful thumping response from the audience. With his experience in hosting in MEK, Nagarjuna made it look so easy with hosting. 

The season 4 of the Bigg Boss House has ended on a high note with Abhijeet winning the title. Now everybody focus is on the 5th season. But the question is, Will Bigg Boss Season 5 broadcast based on the same schedule or just like last year will it be postponed to some other day. As per the rumors the season 5 is set to come back by June as per the regular schedule.

Now the second question is will Nagarjauna host the 5th season. There have been many speculations and rumors that there will be a new host this time. Still its unclear, and we have to wait for the official confirmation regarding the host and the broadcasting date.

It is also said that Syed Sohel Ryan will be hosting the Bigg Boss Talk show and he will be interacting with the eliminated contestants.  In this also the first choice was Abhijeet, But because he is quite an introvert, The offer went to Sohel this time. The Creative directors are busy making the season with their new ideas and concepts. Bigg Boss now has become an sensation and the contestants have fan pages all over the social media. So the crew are trying to bring the best people this time.

It is also rumored that Nagarjuna is out of hosting this time, As per rumors again natural star nani is set to return to host the season 5. So let’s wait and watch for the official confirmation from the channel.

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