Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show Details: Producer, Budget, Salary, Location

Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show Details: 

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular reality shows. There are many versions of this reality shows, and the Telugu language version of this reality show has grabbed the audience attention right from the very beginning. It is one of the highest rated show in Television Industry. As you all know Bigg Boss is an adoption of Dutch Series which is called Big Brother. 

Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show Details: Producer, Budget, Salary, Location
Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show Details: Producer, Budget, Salary, Location

Host Of The Bigg Boss Telugu Show.

The Very first season of the Bigg Boss Telugu Reality show was hosted by Young Tiger Jr.NTR, Everybody saw the other side of Tarak on small screen. He was very funny in his approach and the first season was an absolute blockbuster.

The second season was taken up by Natural Star Nani. Unlike Tarak, Nani has added more humor and a bit of seriousness in his hosting. He was a very wonderful host and people loved his hosting skills.

The third and fourth season has been taken up Akkineni Nagarjuna. Just by using his experience as a host before, Nagarjuna nailed the hosting. He has been very good and charming on the screen. In between RamyaKrishna and Samantha Akkineni have took his place for just one episode.

Where is the Bigg Boss House Set up?

The theme music for Bigg Boss Season 1-3 was composed by S.S. Thaman and the fourth season music was composed by Mani Sharma. 

The first season house was set up in Lonavala, But from 2nd season onwards the house has been set up in the Annapurna Studios, Hyderabad. There are a total of 76 Cameras in the house and recording goes on and on 24/7. The best parts of the day are edited and telecasted on the Maa TV and streamed on the OTT Platform Disney+Hotstar. The unseen videos are telecasted on Maa Music Channel. The voice in the Bigg Boss House is done by Radha Krishna.

What are the rules of the Bigg Boss House?

There are many different rules in Bigg Boss House and they are clearly written on a big wall to make sure that the housemates don’t forget about it. The housemates should only talk in Telugu, If not there will be severe punishments. There will be a captain to the house who has to make sure that everyone is following the rules properly. The captain is chosen based on the tasks performance.

The housemates should always wear a mike around them. If they remove it and talk, There will be a immediate reminder, They Cannot leave the house premises by their own unless they are evicted or if there are any health problems. They are not allowed to sleep without the permission of Bigg Boss in the mornings. They cannot discuss the nomination process with anyone. The nomination process is done in confession room, But in the season 4 every nomination was open.

Who were the winners of Bigg Boss every season?

In the first season, Shiva Balaji won the Bigg Boss Title and 50lakhs cash price.

In the second season, Kaushal won the Bigg Boss Title and 50lakhs Cash Price.

In the third season, Rahul Sipligunj won the title and 50Lakhs Cash Price.

In the latest fourth season, Abhijeet won the title and 50Lakhs Cash Price.

What is Bigg Boss Buzzz Show?

Bigg Boss buzz is an Telugu language talk show. In this show the host talks with the eliminated contestants. The show airs on every Monday and also some unseen portions of the episodes that were not aired on the Maa TV will be aired on Star Maa Music.

In the house, There are 76 Cameras with different size variations and HD quality are set up. The Run time of every episode is approximately 90 Minutes, The host of show comes on every Saturday and Sunday.

Bigg Boss Season 5 Details:

Because of the Covid-19 problem, The season 4 was pushed to September. As of now, there are many speculations that the season 5 will be back by June on regular schedule. There may be a change in the host this time,  We have to wait for the official confirmation regarding the host and the broadcasting date. Bigg Boss is one of the highest rated shows in the Television Industry.

The grand finale of season 4 has become most watched episode and it has created a record with wonderful viewership and it gained huge TRP rating in two states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This is the highest amongst all seasons of Bigg Boss Editions. 

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