Quick Recap of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Full Details: Bigg Boss Telugu is the Indian Telugu-Language reality TV series Bigg Boss, which is a transformation of the Dutch series Big brother Jr N.T.R and Nani hosted for Season 1 and Season 2 respectively while Akkineni Nagarjuna  hosted for Season 3 and Season 4. Ramya Krishna appeared as a guest host in Season 3 for week 6. Samanta Akkineni appeared as guest host in Season 4 for week 7 dussehra special episode. It airs on Star maa and streams on OTT platform Disney+Hotstar.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Full Details
Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Full Details

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Full Details

Each week, housemates select two of their contender housemates for expulsion, and the housemates who receive the most nominations would face a public vote. Finally, one housemate would leave after being “evicted” from the House. In the final week, there were five housemates remaining, and the public voted for who they wanted to win. Unlike other versions of Big Brother, the Indian version uses celebrities as housemates, In season two, Bigg Boss team had selected three common people as contenders from the auditions.

When all the acts and regulations have never been told to the audience, the most important ones are quintessentially seen. The housemates are not allowed to talk in any other language except Telugu and they would not be able to talk to their family members or friends on phone, as the photo is not allowed.They cannot leave the House premises at any time unless they are eliminated or decided by Bigg Boss. They can not discuss the nomination process with anyone. They are not allowed to sleep without the permission of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 4:

Big Boss Telugu 4 which is the 4th season of the Telugu version Indian reality television series and it was premiered on 6th September 2020 on Star Maa and Disney+Hotstar where Akkineni Nagarjuna will be hosting for the second time. According to the game rule, every weekend one contestant has to be eliminated from the show, which is a very decisive event for the contestants as well as the audience. There are 16 contestants in this show.


  1.  Monal Gajjar
  2. Surya Kiran
  3. Lasya Manjunath
  4. Abhijeet
  5. Jordaar Sujatha
  6. Mehboob Shaikh
  7. Devi Nagavalli
  8. Alekhya Harika
  9. Syed Sohail Ryan
  10. Aariyama Glory
  11. Amma Rajashekar
  12. Karate Kalyani
  13. Noel sean
  14. Divi Vadthaya
  15. Akhil Sarthak
  16. Gangavva

Wild card entries:

  1. Kumar Sai
  2. Avinash
  3. Swathi Deekshith

Coming to Bigg Boss 4 contenders, Only a few weeks left for Akkineni Nagarjuna’s TV reality show Bigg Boss 4 Telugu to end. It wouldn’t be difficult to predict who will be the winner of the season. There is a fizz on social media circles about the top five finalists of the show. They might be Avinash, Abhijeet, Sohel, Akhil and Lasya are expected to reach the finals. As the day draws closer, Bigg Boss fans can’t wait to know the winner. Audience will decide who will reach the grand finals via voting. We will get the answers by the end of next month.

  • Abhijeet: He Played a lead role in films like ‘Life Is Beautiful’. He entered the Bigg Boss House with an aspiration to draw the attention of the filmmakers and grab offers with his performance on the show. Neither the organizers or the contenders in the house ever imagined that Abhijeet could get so popular with his presence on the show. Earlier, people thought Abhijeet wouldn’t even make it this far. We need not tell you the massive fan following he enjoys in the Telugu states. He is giving competition to the other contenders and playing a game with a jeal and confidence. He is getting a good number of votes from the public.
  • Avinash: He was already in the news for his comedy antics. In initial stages of Bigg Boss telugu 4, Avinash impressed the audiences by performing well and maintaining good relationships with housemates. There are many chances for Avinash to emerge as the winner of this season. He is entertaining people and other contenders very much and grabbing the attention from the audience.
  • Sohel: There is no doubt Sohel is a strong contender to win the Bigg Boss winner title. He acted in a few daily soaps but couldn’t get enough attention from the audience. Eventually, he made his entry into the Bigg Boss house. Sources predict that Sohel would make it to the grand finals. It remains to be seen if Sohel manages to earn the cash prize and winner’s title this season.
  • Lasya: She became a household name with ‘Something Special’ show and now, she is being dubbed as the drama queen of the show. Her performance in the house has been lauded by the audiences. Latest we hear is that she is garnering the highest votes when compared to other housemates. Let’s wait and watch what the future holds for Lasya.
  • Akhil:  He has been entertaining the audiences ever since he stepped into the house. He escaped eviction last week. He also has to battle other contestants in the house. However, Akhil has much confidence in his fan following and has always been saying that his fans would save him. Let’s see what they will do the next time around.

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